Growing Up in Northern Minnesota, 1915-1945

A Boy from WannaskaA Boy from Wannaska presents true stories of the real Norwegian bachelor farmers and their Danish neighbors: shining a light on a northern Minnesota farming community, where first-generation Scandinavian immigrants built new lives in modern America at the turn of the century.

This memoir includes details of farming and household practices, plus hilarious stories of backwoods farmers in a new environment: learning to drive, hunting moose, building new social institutions—and competitive potlucks at the local Lutheran Church, made up of “37 souls and 7 Danes…”

The appendix includes extensive genealogy of the Jens and Ellen Mortensen family, going back to the 1600s in Denmark.

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150 pages
ISBN: 978-1939423092
Published by Jugum Press
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Mortensen farm, Wannaska MN